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Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.
-- Scott Adams, The Dilbert Principle

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Digital cameras have revitalized photography as a hobby. This year, over 4 million people are expected to make the switch to digital, and with good reason--digital cameras offer a host of advantages over film. Advantages. Since digital camera record images on reusable memory cards instead of film, there are no developing costs, so you can take as many pictures as you want and only print the ones you like. Most digital cameras feature an LCD viewscreen that lets you perfectly compose your photo and then check to make sure it came out the way you'd hoped. Because the images are stored as standard digital files, your computer becomes your darkroom, letting you crop, enlarge, and retouch your photos to perfection. To share your photos, you have numerous options. You can e-mail them to friends or post them on a photo-sharing Web site. If you want prints, you can use an online photofinisher or create them at home on a photo printer.